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Remixing Your Way To Success On The Dance Floor

Course Duration: Weekend (2 days) 11am - 6pm

Course Dates:     17-18 November 2018 (London)

*Location information provided upon booking confirmation*


Take the production skills you’ve already learned and reach new audiences by becoming an in-demand remixer. Give a song a new lease of life beyond its original arrangement and musical style. Lay down new music to create a remix to shake the dance floor. Learn the basic legalities of remixing and how legally to obtain material to remix.


The Motiv8 Remixing course is a stand-alone 36 hour programme designed for learners who are already working comfortably with their chosen DAW in both programming and mixing environments. Whether you want to explore new possibilities with your own existing track or are looking to be commissioned by a record label or production company, this multitrack remixing course has all you need to make it happen.


Remixing is a key marketing element in today’s NEW music business where demand for remixing remains at an all time high. Record companies continue to release alternative mixes to reach wider and more diverse audiences. This course focuses on the professional production techniques used by master remixer and Grammy nominee Steve Rodway - known for transforming a plethora of  ‘normal’ tracks into hit remixes for club and radio around the world.


Whether you use Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton or Reason, this course is suitable for all DAW platforms but assumes learners will have a good understanding of their chosen software and in particular, the ability to time stretch and pitch change audio.  Additionally learners will need a healthy supply of virtual instruments and FX.


It doesn’t matter what musical genre your original track is - with this course, you can turn a rock, R&B pop or even country song into a top drawer remix. Whilst the Motiv8 Remixing course is ideally suited to the more experienced learner accustomed to working with vocals, this is not essential as you will still learn to create a brand new track or breathe new life into an existing instrumental if that’s your thing. Above all, you’ll learn to create your own unique style of remixing.


Another reason why so many of today’s music makers learn to remix is that it can also be a useful tool in defeating ‘writer’s block’. Rather than discard the track you’ve become confused and bogged down with, you can transform it with a fresh new remix and take it to a chart-topping level. There are many examples of a remix becoming better known than the original version of a song and even being playlisted on radio in its own right. The beauty of remixing is that it introduces the track and artist to a brand new audience. Just bring your own laptop, DAW and controller keyboard and you’re good to go!






  • What is a remix?

  • The history of remixing

  • The differences between mashups, bootlegs, remakes and remixes

  • Using samples

  • The legalities of remixing

  • Identifying your market - mainstream or underground?

  • The importance of good monitors



      The New Direction


  • Choosing the direction for your remix

  • Recognising a track’s possibilities outside its original musical style

  • Chords – keep or replace them?

  • Working with stems and A Capellas

  • Playing / inputting new parts

  • Using keyboards and guitars

  • Sequencing and arpeggiating



      The Elements of the Remix


  • The marriage of the bass and kick

  • Let’s get creative

  • The mid-range elements

  • Sound selection

  • Creating riffs and lead lines

  • The use of ‘Ear Candy’



      The Arrangement


  • Structuring the remix

  • Swapping out sounds

  • Pitch correcting

  • Tightening loops

  • The importance of vocal timing





  • Approach to the final mix 

  • Prioritising the elements

  • Getting clarity in your remix

  • Fundamentals of eq and compression

  • Using FX

  • Getting vocals to ‘sit’

  • Sonic placement

  • How to make your mix stand out

  • The importance of loudness





  • Editing your remix

  • Advanced editing techniques

  • Making a radio version

  • Final corrections

Course Duration: Weekend (2 days) 11am - 6pm

Course Dates:     21-22 April 2018 (London)

*Location information provided upon booking confirmation*

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