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Live show

Motiv8 Live in Spain

Rehearsals are nearing completion in readiness for an upcoming live show in Barcelona. Should be fun! More news to follow.

Recruited as a Judge for Eurovision

Steve was recruited as part of the international jury to judge Estonia's national song competition final, to find Estonia's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest  2021. The  winning song was "The Lucky One" performed  by Uku Suviste who had been due to represent Estonia at Eurovision in 2020 before the competition was cancelled for the first time in its history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motiv8 In Glasgow

Motiv8 were amongst a stella lineup at The Time Frequency's Ultimate Summer Festival at Braehead Arena, Glasgow on 10th August 2019. Check out the video clips below!


Miami Music Week​

Steve was invited to speak at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami on three industry panels Check out the topics below. 


Artistry -The Remix

How does one create that magic when it comes to a remix? How does one choose which song to remix and which one to pass on? In a time where everyone seems to have a remix on SoundCloud, Professional remixers need to arm themselves with current sounds and trends to stay current while remaining true to their craft. Listen as these highly sought after remixers and artists discuss how to create the perfect remix that will have people dancing for decades! 

Star Search: Record Label A&R/Remix A&R

A great A&R person is expected to understand the current tastes of the market and to be able to find artists and help guide their path to commercial success. When meeting with an A&R be prepared, A&R oversees the recording process; this includes helping the artist choose the right producer, advising on all aspects of making a high-quality recording. They work with the artist to choose the best songs (i.e. repertoire) to record, assist in finding songs and songwriters, and maintain contact with music publishing companies and producers. Remix A&R: Learn how to create great relationships with the most current and innovative producers and remixers in the biz today. Know your target audience, (whether it is Hip Hop/R&B, EDM, Trap, Big Room, Circuit LBGT, Deep House or Techno), is vital in choosing the proper remixers to remix your song. This will help the appropriate DJ select your song out of the slew of promos they receive everyday and resulting in club play and also chart positioning. This panel of key industry players has the insight and wisdom you will need to help you make the best decisions for your career!


Fight for Your Rights - Music Law

Music industry professionals will discuss the basics on how to most effectively protect your rights as a musician. These attorneys will cover a number of popular music law topics including, but not limited to, getting a manager, signing a record agreement, obtaining a publisher, registering your copyrights, digital distribution, streaming services, sending a cease & desist, as well as answering one on one questions from the panelists.


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